News from the Research Centre

Currently from the project H2020

Thanks to the Horizont 2020 ID 101000501: Algae4IBD project, we tested water extracts from 23 macroalgae and microalgae for minimal inhibitory concentrations. The tested bacteria were ordered from the German Collection of Microorganisms: Bacillus cereus (DSM 31),...

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AgroBioTech is part of the H2020 Algae4IBD project

The AgroBioTech Research Centre is part of the Horizont2020 project, which focuses on algae and their effects on the treatment of inflammation and pain. IBD (Inflammatory bowel disease) prevalence has been increasing in the last decades, especially in developed...

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The 7th International Winter School ANIMAL BIOTECHNOLOGY was organized in AgroBioTech on 6th of the February 2020, organized by the National Agricultural and Food Centre, Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Science and the Agrobiotech Research Centre. The main topic...

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