The third international meeting of the project “Investigation of Traditional Cheese Production Technology and Standards in the Light of the European Union – BestCHEESE” took place in Slovakia (Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra) from 29th of March to 1st of April 2022. The meeting was attended by representatives of research institutions from Turkey (Eskisehir Agriculture and Forestry Directorate, Veterinary Faculty of Ankara University, Batman Agriculture and Forestry Directorate), Italy (Azienda Sanitaria Provinciale di Agrigento), Slovenia (University of Ljubljana) and Slovakia. The aim of the project is to obtain information that will contribute to the elimination of regional differences in cheese production in partner countries using ICT methodologies focused on food safety and hygiene.

During the meeting participants visited farms in central and southern Slovakia, which are engaged in the processing of cow’s and ewe’s milk and the production of cheese and other dairy products. Participants had the opportunity to see the whole process of dairy production from milking to storage. Part of each tour of the farm was also a tasting of their own products, especially different cheeses typical for Slovakia e.g., parenica, nite, riped and unriped hard cheeses. In addition to excursions, the meeting also included a workshop in which representatives of partner institutions gave lectures focused on the technological processes of traditional cheese production.

Another project meeting is planned in Italy. After the end of the project meetings, 2 training modules will be prepared focused on the use of good hygienic procedures and the risks arising from the production of traditional cheeses.