Department of Biosystems Engineering

Department of biosystems engineering deals with wide spectrum of research areas. Among all, following research topics may be mentioned: possibilities to utilise crop biomass for pellets and brickets production, assessment of quality parameters of input material used for solid bio fuels production, assessment of technological parameters of solid bio fuels which are based on biomass, assessment of physical and mechanical properties of obtained products, design of production lines for soil bio fuels production. Furthermore, assessment of environmental aspects of biomass for energy, bio fuels, bio oils and bioenergetics are in the centre of attention. Conducting experiments in the area of assessment of energetic and ecological properties of ecological energy carriers need to be mentioned as well.

Laboratory of innovative technologies in crop production is aimed at precision farming technologies. Here, obtaining, processing and analysing of geographically localized information is conducted. Moreover, attention is paid on building database of properties connected to selected geographical area in long term period.

Laboratory of physical properties of materials and food products is aimed at: measuring the effect of heat stress during the drying process on macro/micro damage of grain, research of material heat behaviour, effect of temperature on physical properties as well as research of reologic and strength properties of materials, measuring the grain cleanness, grain separation and effect of physical and mechanical properties on grain threshing process quality.

Results are applicable in agricultural production, research and development and agriculture machinery management.

Department of Biosystemic Engeneering

Gestor of Department : doc. Ing. Juraj Maga, Dr.