The Institute of Plant Genetics and Biotechnology, Slovak Academy of Sciences

The Institute of Plant Genetics and Biotechnology of the Slovak Academy of Sciences (IPGB SAS) in Nitra was established in 1990 as the Institute of Plant Genetics, aimed to solve actual problems of genetics and breeding of selected crop plant species, forest and fruit trees. Since 1998 the scientific orientation of the Institute has been extended to plant biotechnology and gene engineering, while its name has been changed to Institute of Plant Genetics and Biotechnology. The IPGB is the only research institution in Slovakia developing the field of plant embryogenesis, plant transformation and at present time also plant proteomics.

The genome modification of agronomic important crops, forest and fruit trees, is focused on achievement of desirable traits or increased resistance against pathogens. Studies of transgene expression, factors influencing this expression as well as safety issues related to environment are in focus of our interests, too. Currently, the research spans over the studies of functional genomics, namely in process of plant embryo development (zygotic, somatic and gametic), as well as in plant stress responses. The cytological, morphological, biochemical and molecular aspects of these processes are also followed. Micropropagation and in vitro regeneration of selected crops and important plant species are integral part of our research activities.

In the field of population genetics, the Institute, as one of the few institutions in Europe, is dealing also with dendrobiology, carry out the studies of interspecific hybridization and hybridological relations of the pine and silver fir, with the emphasis on its resistance potential. The field experiments, established in several regions of Slovakia, extended already existing silver fir genofond, thereby making possibilities to use them for the research or breeding practice. Genetic polymorphism and biodiversity of selected forest tree species are also part of long-term research.

At present, the IPGB SAS is very well equipped with all necessary laboratory equipments and gadgets and managed by experienced scientific staff.