Research Centre ABT CPU in Nitra


  • Laboratory of Molecular Biology
  • Laboratory of Embryotechnology
  • Laboratory of Physiology and Anatomy
  • Biochemical Laboratory
  • Laboratory of Biological Stress 

The primary goal of the Laboratory of Molecular Biology is to understand biological processes in the bone tissues and its diseases, with the ultimate aim on estimation of genetic variability of specific human and animal traits. The Laboratory of Embryotechnology explores new options in nucleologenesis and in vitro production and evaluation of embryos used in biomedical research. The equipment in the Laboratory of Physiology and Anatomy allows biomonitoring of phthalates from samples to tackle specific problems associated with human health and animal nutrition as well as proteomic analysis of epigenetic markers associated with early embryonic development in farmed animals. Biochemical Laboratory employs advanced techniques for determination of the concentration of heavy metals in water, plants and food, with particular aim on assessment of the intake and accumulation of toxic elements in living organisms. The laboratory performs also analyses of antioxidative and prooxidative characteristics of natural substances such as chlorophylls, carotenoids and polyphenols content in cells. The Laboratory of Biological Stress is suited to perform complex analyses of plant physiology during stress conditions.