Department of Agrobiology

Department of Agrobiology consists of seven specialized laboratories. They are focused on basic and applied research of plant food sources and were created to provide a complete equipment cascade allowing this type of research. Their infrastructure allows a detailed botanical, physiological and genetic characterisation of plants related to their production characteristics, as well as to the quality of the products for which they are planted. A specialized laboratory of human nutrition is an inevitable part of the department and is focused on the analysis of the interaction of the human body and the food. Other laboratories provide the physiological analysis, the analysis of mineral elements in the soil, plants, water and other environments and materials, genomic and transcriptomic analysis and research of population and reproduction of plants.

Findings from research in these areas can be applied in molecular genetics, evolution biology, in biotechnology applications, in agriculture and forestry, in pharmacology, for the nutrition policies, but also in medicine and public health applications (especially in the field of prevention and treatment of non-infectious civilization diseases).

Department of Agrobiology

Head of Department : doc. Ing. PaedDr. Jana Žiarovská, PhD.

Gestor of Laboratory:

prof. RNDr. Tibor Baranec, CSc.

ikona-telefon +421 37 641 4450


prof. RNDr. Tibor Baranec, CSc.

doc. Ing. Pavol Eliáš, PhD., ml.

RNDr. Ivan Ikrényi, CSc.

Ing. Ľuba Ďurišová, PhD.

Ing. Marcel Raček, PhD.

Ing. Margita Rakovská

Ing. Jana Karšňáková

Ing. Samuel Kšiňan (D)