Laboratory of Cell biology and Cytogenetics

Head of the laboratory


Dr. Ing. Miroslava Požgajová

Cooperating Laboratories


Department of Genetics and Breeding Biology, SUA in Nitra: Ing. Alica Navrátilová, PhD.

Department of Plant Physiology, SUA in Nitra: Ing. Marek Kovár, PhD.

Comenius University in Bratislava, Department of Genetics

Slovak Academy of Science, Centre of Biosciences SAS, Institute of Animal Biochemistry and Genetics

Max F. Perutz Laboratories in Vienna, Austria

Laboratory view




Research aims of the laboratory


  • Investigation of the role of toxic elements such as Cd, Ni, and Al, or food-born and environmental contaminants on fundamental processes of all living organisms including cell growth, cell morphology, regulation of chromosome segregation during cell cycle
  • Determination of the antioxidant status of the organism upon toxic element treatment and characterization of the possible positive effect of biologically active substances such as ascorbic acid against toxicity of the particular contaminant
  • Determination of the cellular defense mechanisms on molecular basis

Schematic draw of the population intoxication by environmental toxicants, such as heavy metals, through the food chain.

Project participation

ITMS2014+ 313011V336 (Drive4SIFood) – molecular consequences derived from food contamination

ITMS2014+ 313012P694 (Frost) – determination of acrylamide toxicity to living organisms

ITMS2014+ 313011W580 (Uranos) – analyses of the antioxidant capacity of the organism under stress conditions of the environment

APVV-19-0598 – determination of the impact of beta glucan upon contamination of the living environment

Recent publications

Navrátilová, A., Kovár, M. and Požgajová, M., 2021. Ascorbic acid mitigates cadmium-induced stress, and contributes to ionome stabilization in fission yeast. Environmental Science and Pollution Research28(12), pp.15380-15393.

 Požgajová, M., Navrátilová, A., Šebová, E., Kovár, M. and Kačániová, M., 2020. Cadmium-Induced Cell Homeostasis Impairment is Suppressed by the Tor1 Deficiency in Fission Yeast. International journal of molecular sciences21(21), p.7847.

Pozgajova, M., Navratilova, A., Arvay, J., Duranova, H. and Trakovicka, A., 2020. Impact of cadmium and nickel on ion homeostasis in the yeast Schizosaccharomyces pombe. Journal of Environmental Science and Health, Part B55(2), pp.166-173.

 Pozgajova, M. and Duranova, H., 2021. BIOLUMINOMETRIC ASSAY OF CELL ATP DETECTION UNDER STRESS CONDITIONS AND IN THE ASSESSMENT OF CLEANNESS OF THE FOOD PRODUCING COMPANY. Journal of microbiology, biotechnology and food sciences10(5), pp.e2584-e2584.