Laboratory of genetic analysis





Scientific and Research Activities of the Laboratory



  • Realization of research in the field of isolation of prolamine proteins from different types of cereals, hydrolysis of isolated prolamine proteins using specific synthetic enzymes of microbial origin (metalloproteinases and serine proteinases from the genus Bacillus and Streptomyces), immunochemical analysis of hydrolysed cereal protein products by sandwich ELISA method using commercial kit Agra Quant Gluten based on antibody G12,
  • preparation of methodical procedure of transcriptometric analysis by NGS methodology,
  • preparation of RT-PCR analyses for food microbiological testing and analysis of food source allergens,
  • preparation of model sample library,
  • synthesis of cDNA molecules, validation and quantification of samples on NGS using the thermocycler Tropfessional Basic Gradient XL (Biometra), followed by sequencing (collaborators: prof. Žiarovská, Ing. Medo, RNDr. Fialková and Mgr. Bilčíková),
  • adjustment and optimization of temperature conditions programs, determination of polymorphisms by quantitative polymerase chain reaction (thermocycler Tropfessional Basic Gradient XL – Biometra),
  • maintenance and user service (sequential washing – flow cell) of sequencer, in 2018 it is scheduled to shut down the sequencer due to inspection, service inspection, upgrade,
  • preparation of samples for determination of polymorphism of selected genes (apple tree), validation of the use of the methodology using real-time PCR cycler (RealTime PCR TOptical Gradient 96).




VEGA 1/0163/18 Determinácia pleiotropného účinku endokrinných disruptorov a biologicky aktívnych látok v celulárnom modelovom systéme in vitro.
Principal investigator: Ing. Zuzana Kňažická, PhD.

VEGA 2/0025/15 Endofytické mikroorganizmy a ich potenciálna úloha pri zvyšovaní tolerancie drevín voči stresu.
Principal investigator: Ing. Juraj Medo, PhD., Katedra mikrobiológie, FBP SPU v Nitre

COST Action FA1402 Improving Allergy Risk Assessment Strategy for new food proteins.

COST CA 15223 Modifying plants to produce interfering RNA


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