Experimental brewery





Scientific and Research Activities of the Laboratory



  • Evaluation of the quality parameters of varieties of malting barley,
  • analysis of physiological parameters of barley,
  • micro-weighting of samples using changes in temperature and humidity mode of dipping and germination,
  • analysis of parameters influencing the quality parameters of malt,
  • determination of β-glucan content in barley grains, malt and wort,
  • analysis of the content of nitrogenous substances in the basic raw materials, intermediate products and final products of malting and brewing,
  • modification of technological procedures and recipe composition in order to produce specific beer samples of defined quality.





Group A (category of publishing activities according to Ministry of Education of SR):

1. AFL Parameters dealing with the non-starch polysaccharides modification of malted grain and wort / Štefan Dráb .. [et al.]. — ilustr. — AgroBioTech 26220220180. In: Book of abstracts and posters of the 12th international scientific conference Biotechnology and quality of raw materials and foodstuffs. — 1st ed.. — [129] s.. — 978-80-552-1669-0 (brož.) Biotechnology and quality of raw materials and foostuffs. — Nitra : Slovak University of Agriculture, 2017. — s. [1].