Integral laboratories

The integral laboratories are dedicated to spectroscopic, genetic and microscopic approaches in biology, biomedicine, pharmacology, toxicology and food processing. In general, the research activities are focusing on the effects of various environmental factors on living organisms and their biochemical, eco-physiological and molecular-biological aspects.

Laboratory of genetic analysis

The scientific research activities of the Laboratory of genetic analysis are focused on sequencing, detection of polymorphisms, mutations, gene expression and it offers the possibility with broad application in areas such as agricultural food microbiology, metagenomics, evolutionary genomics, nutrigenetics, toxicology, pharmaceutical industry, biomedicine, plant breeding etc.

Laboratory of microscopic analysis

The Laboratory of microscopic analysis is equipped with state-of-the-art microscopic devices that enable microstructural studies (at the levels of fluorescence and transmission electron microscopy) in the fields of plant and animal biotechnologies, embryotechnologies, nanoparticle research and bionanotechnologies, applied biology, microbiology, and food quality.

Laboratory of spectroscopic analysis

Research activities of the laboratory are mainly directed on the field of molecular biology, pharmacology and toxicology. They involve analyses focused on the detection of exogenous and endogenous regulators of the function of animal reproduction, as well as determination of the influence of cellular mechanisms of biologically active substances, toxic and other risk factors of the environment.

Head of Laboratory:

RNDr. Hana Ďúranová, PhD.

ikona-telefon +421 37 641 4929