Department of Biotechnics and Landscape Modeling

Research activities of the Department of Biotechnics and Landscape Modelling correspond with concept of the Healthy landscape. The long term goal is to promote awareness of environmental quality in the settlements, the development of sound management of the country and the effective use of biological value of horticultural crops. The research is the stabilization of urban ecosystem, landscape structures and landscape elements, as well as innovative technologies supporting the content of health beneficial substances in fruit, vegetables and grapes.

The department has two laboratories, which are specialized in the following activities:

  • Quantification of morphometric, biochemical and physiological parameters of woody plants and herbs, indicating lack of water in the urban environment,
  • data screening under controlled conditions and in specific areas in settlements and country – creation of Landscape Model,
  • structural and shape analysis of the landscape components, the quantification of the changes in relation to the timeline,
  • modeling artifacts of cultural and natural heritage of the landscape,
  • evaluation of the quality of nutritional composition and content of health-promoting substances in the horticultural crops and products,
  • evaluation of the content and seasonal dynamics of nutrients in the cider and wine of new Slovak varieties of Vitis vinifera.

Areas where this research can be applied are such as adaptations of plants to the conditions of urban heat islands or production of non-traditional drinks with a high nutritional value

Department of Biotechnics and Landscape Modeling

Gestor of Department: prof. Ing. Viera Paganová, PhD.

Head of Laboratory:

doc. Ing. Ján Mezey, PhD.

ikona-telefon +421 37 641 5802