Department of Bioeconomy

Professional activities of the Department of Bioeconomy and its specialized labs are as follows:

  • Analysis of prices, production, consumption and trade of energy crops;
  • Analysis of agricultural and energy policies,
  • Business plan and analysis (costs, revenues, return on investment, market position, market trends, competition, environmental impact and innovation),
  • Popularization of energy issues and mapping of public opinion,
  • Cost benefit analysis of bioenergy production in conjunction with environmental impact assessment,
  • Analysis of return on investment in bioenergy production,
  • Econometric modeling of agricultural markets and the effects of agricultural policies.

Laboratory of Neuroeconomy and consumer decision-making provides an interdisciplinary research area supported by excellence and applied research in the field of bio-economy, market studies and consumer decision-making.

Department of Bioeconomy

Gestor of Department: prof. Ing. Ján Pokrivčák, PhD.

Head of Laboratory:

prof. Ing. Ján Pokrivčák, PhD.

ikona-telefon +421 37 641 5892